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 Water Country (info)

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PostSubject: Water Country (info)   Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:03 pm

Guide to the Water Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Water country is one of the smaller countries in the series, but it has a strong ninja force. This coupled with it being an island grants the country a great defense against outside threats. The greatest threats to the country seem to come from within, constant wars and strife has caused many citizens and ninja to turn against themselves and the country leadership. Rumors state Akatsuki was formed in the country and that they managed to influence Yondaime Mizukage. Godaime Mizukage eventually came to power and tried to put the country's violence to rest.

Village Background:

Hidden Mist is one of the more powerful ninja villages in the world, allowing its leader to be called a "Kage." As such it is one of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. It is unknown if the country has any current alliances. Mist has drawn the country into many wars in the past. Under the leadership of the Fourth Mizukage, the citizens of the country blamed the constant strife on the powerful clan bloodlines in the region. For that reason they turned against the clans and wiped many of them out. It is unknown if any bloodlines remain active in the service of Hidden Mist.

Village Statistics

Military Strength
Economic Strength


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Water Country is a daimyo. Akatsuki member and former Hidden Mist ninja Kisame engaged in many assassinations against Water Country feudal lords. It is unknown how many he killed or whether he took out the head lord.

Village Leader:

The current leader of Hidden Mist is Godaime Mizukage. She is a young woman prone to misplaced anger concerning her relationship status.

Events of Note

Graduation Exam Change:

Years before the start of the series, Hidden Mist staged a violent and bloody test to choose who could graduate from their academy. Friends and classmates who had studied together were pitted against each other, with advancement predicated upon one killing the other. However an event happened to change their exam methods. A young man entered the test and killed over one hundred of the students by himself alone. This shocking action forced the village to change their graduation methods. The boy would grow to become one of Hidden Mist's Seven Swordsman... Zabuza. The brutal nature of the graduation style helps paint a picture of the mindset of the village.

Bloodline Massacres:

The Water Country had been marked by violence and civil wars for many years. The citizens of the country blamed the powerful bloodlines for this strife. The citizens began to turn against the bloodlines and kill any clans who remained in the country. Some clan members fled the bloodshed by attempting to hide their powers and live as normal citizens. Other bloodthirsty clans like the Kaguya found excitement in death and battle, so they chose to directly attack Hidden Mist and go out in a bloody blaze of "glory".

The Sites

Kirigakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Mist):

Hidden Mist lives up to its name; the village itself is covered in a foggy mist throughout the year.

Administration Building:

This is the main Kiri administration building. The Mizukage has offices here.

Hill Overlook:

This hill looks over Hidden Mist Village. From this position, one can see the whole village.

Village Hidden in the Mist Entrance:

This area marks the entrance to Hidden Mist. A marker for outgoing travelers also announces the paths to outlying foreign villages.

Snowy Village:

One of several houses in this small snowy village, this homestead was where Haku and his parents lived. Several years after his birth, his father learned his wife and young son were of a bloodline. Fearful of the power they wielded and the harm bloodlines had done in the past, he murdered his wife. When he attempted to kill Haku, the young boy struck back in reflex, killing his father with ice spikes. The home was destroyed and Haku fled leaving that life behind.

Kaguya Cave Cell:

Kimimaro's early life was marked by containment in a Kaguya clan cell. This dark and dreary cave cell had tags to keep the young and powerful Kimimaro locked away. When the clan decided to finally turn against Hidden Mist and go out in a blaze of glory, they released Kimimaro and asked him to fulfill his purpose in life and kill.

Small Village:

This small village was home to Ranmaru. Ranmaru was a sick, young bloodline orphan who found refuge in a small house overlooking the village. When Raiga and other Mist Hunter-Nins came to the village looking for a spy, they wiped out many of the village citizens. Ranmaru was spared from Raiga's crazed slaughter however.

Small Village Hut:

This small hut was home to Ranmaru. Ranmaru never knew his parents, and depended upon the kindness of the local villagers to bring him food. When Ranmaru used his powers and saw a villager injure himself, he later asked the villager if he was okay. This frightened the villager who had no idea how Ranmaru could have seen the accident from his hut. Unfortunately the villagers realized Ranmaru had a bloodline ability and turned against him. Hidden Mist ninja later came to investigate his spying.

Water People and Items of Note

Hoshigaki Kisame:

A missing-nin from Hidden Mist, Kisame joined Akatsuki. Kisame appears shark-like in appearance, it is unknown if this is a Hidden Mist bloodline or a hidden technique of Kisame's. Kisame was a member of the Mist Seven Swordsman, a legendary Mist group of seven shinobi who wielded large swords.

Mist Seven Swordsmen:

This legendary group of large sword wielding ninja operated out of Hidden Mist. The group has had problems keeping members, with Hoshigaki Kisame, Momochi Zabuza and Kurosuki Raiga all leaving the village to become missing-nins. It is unknown if the group found replacements for these three men. Because the group members are known for passing their swords down, this is unlikely. Former Swordsman trainee Suigetsu now wields Zabuza's sword, Kisame still wields his sword and Raiga's swords were left in the River Country. The only known current member of the group is Choujuurou.


The Sanbi Bijuu (Three-Tailed Demon Turtle) was once housed in Yagura, the Yondaime Mizukage. During Yagura's reign there were rumors Akatsuki was controlling the man. At some point the demon was extracted from Yagura. The Bijuu then roamed the nearby waters free of a host. Akatsuki eventually captured and sealed away the demon.


The Rokubi Bijuu (Six-Tailed Demon Gastropod) was housed in Mist ninja Utakata. Akatsuki managed to capture him and the six-tailed demon. They extracted the demon from Utakata, ending his life.
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Water Country (info)
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