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 Wave Country (info)

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PostSubject: Wave Country (info)   Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:05 pm

Guide to the Wave Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Wave country is a small island nation which was once under the harsh rule of the shipping baron Gatô. Located off the coast of the Fire Country, the islands became impoverished because of the strong grip Gatô had over the shipping and transportation in the region. He ruled through fear, and anyone who dared stand in his way he had murdered as a warning. When Gatô was finally killed, Tazuna the bridge builder was able to finish his bridge and connect the country to the mainland. Thus the bridge allowed the country to become prosperous once again.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Wave Country is a Daimyou but their identity is unknown. The local feudal lords were once as poor as the other citizens of the country, and had no way to combat Gatô's actions.

The Sites


The city is located on the western side of the islands near the Great Naruto Bridge. Tazuna's house is also located near here. Many of the houses sit on stilts over the water itself. Mangrove trees also dot the waterfront.

Zabuza's Compound:

This compound served as the base of operations for Zabuza and his men. It is unknown what happened to the building after his and Haku's death.

Tazuna's House:

This is the home of Tazuna, his daughter Tsunami and her son Inari.

Great Naruto Bridge:

This bridge connects the Wave Country to the mainland. It was built by Tazuna and was almost never completed due to the actions of Gatô. Once Gatô and his hired ninja Zabuza and Haku were removed from the picture, Tazuna was able to finish the bridge. He named it after Uzumaki Naruto due to how he inspired his grandson Inari and in turn the citizens of the country.

Wave People and Items of Note


A skilled bridge builder, Tazuna hoped his bridge connection the Wave and Fire Countries would bring prosperity back to the nation. Unfortunately the bridge drew the ire of Gatô, the evil shipping magnate who wanted to maintain control over the region. Tazuna feared he wouldn't be able to complete his bridge and hired ninja from Konoha under false pretenses to help him. When they learned the truth of the matter, he successfully guilt-tripped them into helping remove Gatô from power.
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Wave Country (info)
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