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 Sea Country (info)

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PostSubject: Sea Country (info)   Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:58 pm

Guide to the Sea Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Sea country lies off the southern coast of the Tea Country. The Sea Country itself consists of several islands, Haha the main island, Kikai and Taro. Another island, Jiro, may also fall under its purview. Because the country is an island nation, it relies on the Water Country and its Hidden Mist ninja for protection. It sends weekly gold shipments to the country as payment for this protection. The country is not against help from other ninja nations though, such as Fire. Being an island nation, fishing is one of its chief operations. Unfortunately Kikai Island has long been said a cursed island. Orochimaru established a laboratory there and began kidnapping Sea citizens; this did not help its reputation. Orochimaru eventually abandoned the base and it was later destroyed.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Sea Country is unknown, presumably it is a daimyo.

The Sites

Haha Island Port:

This is one of the main ports on Haha Island.

Shiragiku Inn:

Shiragiku (White Chrysanthemum) Inn is a hotel in one of the Sea Country's Haha island ports.

Jiro Island Compound:

Several years previously, Orochimaru had a compound on Jiro Island. It was at this compound that Anko received the cursed seal.

Kikai Island Compound:

Several years previously, Orochimaru had a compound on Kikai Island where he conducted his jutsu experiments. After he left the facility, a like-minded medical-nin scientist named Amachi continued his work at this location. The facility was later destroyed and the island collapsed in on it. Their experiments caused the island to be nicknamed Kamikakushi (Spirited Away) Island. If any fisherman or sailor navigated too close to the island, they were abducted for experiments and never seen again.

Sea People and Items of Note


Amachi summoned this Umibouzu (sea monster) to help him terrorize the Sea Country. Something more than sea water and something less than a sentient being, the Umibouzu is a moving water technique that obeys Amachi's command. It was this Umibouzu, Isaribi's fish-form and the fisherman abductions which gave rise to the Kaima stories.
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Sea Country (info)
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