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 Stone Country (info)

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PostSubject: Stone Country (info)   Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:00 pm

Guide to the Stone Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Stone country is so named because of its craggy desert and wasteland regions. The country is similar in name to the Earth Country and its Village Hidden in the Rock, however the kanji used is different.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Stone Country is a powerful priest. Control of the military, economy, government and religion all rests in he and his monks. For that reason the capital of the country is marked by many temples.

The Sites

Stone Country Entrance:

These large upturned rocks mark the entrance to the Stone Country.

Post Town:

This small post town sits near the border of the country. Marked by many low-life characters, the town is full of shady bars, motels and businesses.


This is the capital of the Stone Country. More lush and green than the surrounding countryside, the capital is home to many temples. A river also runs beside the city.

O.K. Temple:

This head temple overlooks the capital city. It is home to the large golden bell, a landmark which attracts tourists to the capital.
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Stone Country (info)
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