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 Vegetable Country (info)

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PostSubject: Vegetable Country (info)   Fri Feb 12, 2010 7:03 pm

Guide to the Vegetable Country
Country Information

Country Background:

The Vegetable Country is an apparently landlocked country. It may share a border with the Fire Country, and it maintains good ties with their ninja village as it has no ninja village of its own. However the loyal soldiers of the country leader are trained in the ninja arts. The country is marked by forests, mountains and fields of flowers. These flowers and the other country plants are used by the soldiers in their ninpou.


Country Leader:

The current leader of the Vegetable Country is Daimyou Haruna. The daughter of the previous Daimyou, she succeeded her father after he was murdered. She continued his pledge to maintain a peaceful country.

The Sites

Capital City:

The Capital City sits among the yellow fields of flowers in the Vegetable Country. The Daimyou Compound sits on a terrace over-looking the surrounding lands and buildings.
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Vegetable Country (info)
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